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Nourish to Flourish​


Three 50-Minute

Meals Made Easy Sessions

"As a result of Focus & Fuel coaching, I am making choices that allow me to respect myself. I give space and time for the things that serve me well (like nutrition and exercise). And the result is it's easier to give space to things like work." —B. H.

Are you feeling famished by nightfall? Do your good intentions of healthy eating fall apart before lunchtime, leading to late-night snacking and regret? We hear you.

Food can be time-consuming. Planning, prepping, cooking, cleaning, and shopping! But what if eating well could be easy and help you feel sharper, calmer, and ready to focus?


Three 50-Minute Meals Made Easy Sessions 

We'll help you:
  • Ditch the "must-haves" and "can't-haves." Our food quiz will help you discover what fuels your body and brain for better focus.

  • Crack the code on easy food prep. We'll also help you craft a flexible meal plan for your lifestyle.

  • Get a personalized meal plan. We'll find delicious, well-balanced, and stress-free meals that you'll enjoy and boost your brainpower.


Bonus Brainpower Boosters:
  • MIX-N-MATCH Menu Booklet: Keep your meals fresh and fun with various options.

  • FLEX PLAN: Easily adjust your routine to fit your busy life.

  • MY WINS Template: Track your progress and celebrate your mental victories.


Leave brain fog behind. Unleash your focus. Conquer any challenge.
Let's do this together!

Free 30-minute Consultation Call

Feeling overwhelmed at home, behind at work, or frazzled all around? Focus & Fuel 

empowers busy professionals with ADHD to reduce that scramble.


  • Mastering your day: Tame distractions, crush tasks, and fuel your passions.

  • Thriving with ease: Understand your ADHD brain and create systems for success.

Here’s how:

  • The Fuel & Friction Test: Identify your strengths and roadblocks.

  • Weekly Focus Sessions: Quiet your brain and tackle those roadblocks. (60 min/session)

  • Personalized Power-Ups: Curated resources to fuel your progress.

Schedule a free consultation to see if Focus & Fuel is right for you.

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