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Focus, Fuel & Flourishing

What I love about my work as an ADHD coach are the ah-ha moments. It’s when a client grasps why something is overwhelming, finds relief by reframing their mindset, recognizes their wins, or realizes that a goal not reached is simply a goal not reached yet. It’s about empowering professionals and executives with ADHD to control their actions and consequences. This focus bolsters their well-being.

"Focus & Fuel has helped me recognize what I need physically and emotionally to help me reduce my sense of overwhelm. I can decipher when I need to take a break, recharge and prevent overwhelm." —E.D.

My Secret

I've got a secret to managing the ADHD scramble.

And it's not about productivity hacks. It's about agency and self-compassion. That's why I founded Focus & Fuel, an innovative coaching program that fuels your body and brain for optimal focus and a vibrant well-being story.

My Approach
  • Science-backed + Real Connection: I blend research with empathy to help you discover your path to easier days, greater confidence, and purpose.

  • Five Pillars of Focus: Sleep, movement, nourishment, self-compassion, and intentional action. Cultivate each to weave strength, balance, and resilience into your personalized well-being story.

  • The You Approach: No one-size-fits-all here! Focus & Fuel is about you, not productivity hacks. It's a whole-person approach to thinking and doing.

What Sets Me Apart
  • Seasoned & Certified: Master's in Education, certifications in Executive Function & ADHD Coaching, Positive Psychology, and Resilience Skills.

  • Tailored Coaching: We co-create a plan that works for you, celebrating every "ah-ha" moment, big or small. Together, we make tiny tweaks that lead to great gains in your professional development.

  • Executive Functions Consultant: Beyond individual executive coaching, I facilitate engaging workshops on managing ADHD symptoms and getting through the workday with confidence and ease. My safe spaces spark exploration, learning, and growth.

Witness your transformation.
  • From overwhelm to clarity: Understand your brain and break free from negative cycles.

  • From stress to resilience: Develop tools to manage anxiety and bounce back from setbacks.

  • From doubt to confidence: Discover your strengths and easily navigate your day-to-day.

Ready to join me? Let's rewrite your story together!

"I started working with Amy because I was tired of feeling like life with ADHD did not have to be so hard. I was exhausted and unhappy."—J. B.

My Story

​I finally realized I'm living proof that TINY TWEAKS lead to BIG WINS.​

There I was, three kids, a dog, a house in the burbs, a cabin in the woods, plus a job I loved. If only I didn’t feel like every day was a scramble. I constantly took on too much and sacrificed movement and self-care. I often went to bed feeling restless and underachieved. I believed skipping a workout allowed me to get more done, but my to-do list remained. My back ached. My head was foggy. And my battle between what I “needed” to do and what I wanted to do was constant.


My problem was not appreciating the connection between exercise, sleep, and the brain. I wish I had known then that, like our bodies, our brains need movement and rest to stay crisp and calm. My wake up call was when my kids started asking “Mom, have you gotten outside for a run today?" Not only was my back stiff and my brain murky, I was edgy.


I finally understood that exercise is my therapy AND began prioritizing it. Taking the first step was hard, but I committed to a friend and joined her morning runs. To my surprise, the house did not burn down, and my kids learned to set their own alarm clocks. I felt better, slept better, ate regularly, and was no longer pent up at the end of the day. Everyday, I checked things off my to-do list and still had time for things I enjoy. My back felt limber, and so did my brain. All this because I said "yes" to joining a friend… one. small. change.

Years later, FOCUS & FUEL was born, inspired by that transformative step. And yes, I'm still chasing sunrises on morning runs. Remember, your biggest win might be just a tiny tweak away.

Ready to find your balance? Let's connect and discover the tiny tweaks that can lead you to life-changing wins.

"Amy helps me reframe situations that I feel stressed about. She helps me recognize the beautiful interactions along the way. It's life-affirming" —J. S.

Still Reading?

I'm about growth and adventure, too...

I love to travel, especially to faraway places.​

I believe in the power of experience.

I enjoy skiing UP as much as I like going down.

I am a sucker for a good sunrise.

Hosting dinner parties is a passion my husband and I share.

I swam 9.5 miles on a beautiful Sunday in August.

My family raised a puppy for US Veterans Service Dogs.

My favorite meal was lobster cooked on the rocky coast of Maine. 

I bring my camera wherever I go.

I've completed several long distance triathlons, but prefer DIY endurance events... especially when done with friends.

Amy Hage

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